Selling my Sister on Craigslist

Selling my sister on craigslist

Funny how occupying the same womb can bound people together for life.

You can love them (rare) and you can hate them (frequent), but no matter how you feel, chances are you are going to spend a lot of time with that person / people.

I’m talking about siblings if you haven’t caught on.

I am the only male child, sandwiched in between two girls – my older sister Elizabeth, and my younger sister Caroline.

They are both little shits.

They do things that get on my nerves almost 24/7. Especially Caroline. Things like ruining an entire TV series that they have already watched and you are just starting, or emptying a tube of toothpaste on your pillow because you wore their socks to school that day. See what I’m getting at?

Anyways, lately Caroline has been especially ticking me off. So, being a completely sane and rational person, I did what all other completely sane and rational people would do – I tried to sell her on Craigslist.

Caroline Craigslist Ad

Now before you think I am an awful person, just realize that I took all possible precautions and provided an accurate description of her so that the potential buyer would know how to properly care for Caroline.

I included her dietary schedule (3 meals a day) as well as her exercise habits (daily walk).

Honestly, I think I am doing a good thing by selling her. To be quite frank, I was tired of the thing. It was great when I first got it, but I just found myself not playing with it as much as I originally thought I would. By selling Caroline, I’m giving her the opportunity to go to a home that might give her the care and attention that she (probably) deserves.

Also, I am a broke college student. I don’t have the money to provide for such an expensive thing. Plus I could use that $50 for a good cause, like a new pair of flip-flops or something.

Martin Luther King Jr. once said “Preach love, not hate. Sell your siblings if they get on your nerves.” So I did just that.

Thanks MLK.

By the way she is still up for sale, leave your contact info in the comments and we’ll talk.


My names Jack. I like fruit snacks, coffee, and knock-knock jokes. My mom thinks I need to go outside more.

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