Friday Thoughts

  • Almost every song by Duskus makes me feel weird. Weird like in the chill-to-my-bone-what-is-my-place-on-this-earth-I-can-feel-every-emotion-at-once kind of weird. I can be sitting in my room and a Duskus song will come on and I will feel just straight lost. 

Listen to this. Chills.

  • I have noticed, however subtle it may be, that my family seems to be watching their tongue around me because they are slightly worried that I might just ruthlessly expose them on my blog. It feels good to be king. 
  • I started to go to Starbucks to write these blog posts. This makes me feel really old but at the same time it also makes me feel like an inexperienced three year old trying to use a fork – I don’t really know what I am doing.

  • Thrift stores are fucking amazing. I found some gems when I went with my friend this week. Seriously 7 pieces of clothing for like 13 dollars. Nuts.
  • I’ve been doing a lot of hiking lately. I really love it – tons of fun.
  • Speaking of hiking, yesterday I got back from a two-day Mt. Whitney climb with my Dad. We both made the summit, but barely. To be completely honest, I expected it to be fairly easy, but was surprised to find that not only was it physically strenuous, but it was VERY dangerous. I learned that my father does not do well in high altitudes (hallucinating) which made it even scarier. All in all, I reached the summit and lived to tell the story. But man I think I am gonna stay off of my feet for a while. 

    • Here is a pic of me being cozy af at base campcozy af
  • On that note, earlier in the week I went on a backpacking trip for 3 days with some friends and we did cool shit like walk a lot. And fish. And walk more.
  • I’m starting to come to terms with the fact that I will be leaving for college soon. And with that I am starting to realize that I have already spent the majority of time that I will ever spend with my parents, family, childhood friends, and pretty much all other things that I hold close. Honestly, this is really depressing me.
  • One of my closest friends left for college today. I said bye to him last night and it was just an awkward-sad-hope-to-see-you-soon-but-we-probably-wont kind of goodbye.
  • Crepes are good
  • One of the most frustrating things in the world has to be getting fishing line tangled in a fishing rod. This happened to me 3 times during my backpacking trip earlier this week before I finally just gave up and stopped fishing.
  • I ordered a skateboard on Amazon a few days ago. I have 0 skateboarding experience. Is there such a thing as a mid-mid-life crisis?
  • In an effort to become somewhat cultured and ‘interesting’ I decided to learn spanish. I sucked at spanish in high school. Sucked. I started Duolingo three weeks ago and now I can say like 5 sentences. Hablo un poco de espanol!
  • Despite the above bullet point, I still think we should have one universal language that everyone speaks. I don’t care if that affects world culture or whatever. I think a universal language would come with huge economic benefits (no language barriers = more trade).
  • Part of the reason I think a universal language is needed is because of the book I am currently reading – The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman. It will make you think of human progress from a completely new perspective. Food for thought x 1,000,000.
  • These last two bullet points made me realize that I am actually pretty damn passionate about having a universal language. I think I will write more about it in the future.
  • I am still writing this blog post in Starbucks. About an hour ago this 20ish year old man came in and sat down at the table next to me and just fell asleep. He didn’t even buy a coffee or anything. He literally just walked in and put his head down and fell asleep. Dude is still sleeping.
  • Also, there is this baby like two tables over who won’t shut up. I wonder what would happen if I screamed back at the baby.
  • When I am at parties I have this habit of randomly pulling my phone out and writing in my notes what is going on in my head at that moment. They are hilarious to read the next day, but probably not appropriate to share on my blog.
  • Whenever I drive I blast music and sing along. This has led to some seriously awkward encounters with other drivers. Like 3 hours ago when I was driving to this coffee shop. Unbeknownst to me, this lady was staring at me and laughing  while I sang “It’s Strange” at the top of my lungs at a red light. I saw her and immediately shut my mouth and turned my music off.
  •  I went to Denny’s with my friend last night at 1 AM. I ordered the Lumberjack Slam. It was a strange experience.
  • I have come to the conclusion, with nearly 100% certainty that despite me having been brought up a Roman Catholic all of my life, I am really a Jewish boy. Not in terms of religion of course, but rather, in the general stereotype that comes along with being a Jewish boy. I definitely fit that mold.
  • Here’s a picture of me holding a peanutpic of me holding a peanit
  • Oh, and also this happenedIMG_1831


I am glad it is Friday.


My names Jack. I like fruit snacks, coffee, and knock-knock jokes. My mom thinks I need to go outside more.

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