In September 2015, I created an IOS application called Run DJ which was designed to motivate runners to maintain a steady pace during their runs by using volume as a reward system. It was excruciatingly hard work and I can now happily say I will never touch Objective C again.


In January 2016, I thought it would be funny to create a site about cats while I was bored. The idea turned into, an animated, engaging site that makes learning about cats fun! The site still makes me chuckle.


In February 2016, a classmate and I devised a portable desalination device for a science fair. I created a 3d model in CAD and worked out the maths needed for the system to work. We made it through the first round but fell short of moving on to state because we were unable to create a working prototype. (Estimated cost to build was ≈ $3000 – a little out of budget)

Portable Desalination Device

In April 2016, I created a presentation titled “Introduction to Web Development” to give to teachers and students at my school. Not really a project, but still fun to check out!